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9 Top Easy Strategies to Promote Your Blogs to Rank Topper

Strategies to promote blogs

Strategies to promote blogs are the best chapter to learn for any content marketer.

But implementing and succeeding in them becomes a skill.

Blogs are one of the best ways to advertise your product or service to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Here are nine strategies to promote blogs, which might actually work and give the best results.

#1 Convert Blog Content Into YouTube Videos or Podcasts

Youtube and podcasts platforms are becoming the most popular search engine after google, and others.

Whereas giving content in different formats will help both the giver and receiver with the most coveted features.

If even one of the formats clicks and gets more visits, there are more chances of making the conversion easier. 

#2 Optimize Old Content

Work on most of the old content.

This will help to recover the wasted web pages and get some people to come and read the content.

By adding more relevant headlines, metadata, and keywords.

Instead of working on more new web pages, work on old pages that have a higher chance of ranking high in SEO. 

#3 Give More Data-Driven Content

Providing good and valuable content that is actually useful is the key to finding more people to like and make use of our posts.

Try giving more related and useful data, information, news, reports, and facts that can help everyone who reads.

This is one of the best strategies to promote blogs and gain more chances of getting a better SEO ranking.

#4 Stop Following Your Competitors

Following the competitors’ steps with topics is a more common and easier way to achieve, but using the old technique of writing on new topics can actually work as this is how it worked in the first place.

Do not just follow the competitors’ topics but try to make your own innovative and creative topics that actually drive more people.

#5 Consistent Newsletter

Newsletters are a better way to convey and share your content with your regular readers and subscribers.

This will improve the blog’s reach as well as webpage visits.

Many even forget and start getting entertained and getting useful with the content of the newsletter.

So the subscribers are going to remember the business and content provider more specifically on the cycle of the period. 

#6 Stunning Social Media Images

Quality images create the best impression on your content to your audience, and they will find you more valuable and understanding.

Also, every 3 people out of 5 will go to the image section to avoid reading and understand easily.

Most importantly, your images have a higher chance of ranking at the top of the image section, whereas your image becomes the landing element of your website.

Meanwhile, if your image is getting more interesting, it may be used by other content creators, and your image will be given a source link to get visitors.  

#7 Respond to Comments

It is common that every one of your posts gets comments from different perspectives according to your content.

It is always important and essential to be ready to face people’s opinions and accept their way of thinking.

Replying will make your content more engaging as well as it has a high chance of building rapport.

#8 Publish at Timings

Google is updating its algorithms every day, as it is improving customer experience.

Publishing by at least understanding 50% of the search engine algorithms and publishing can help to reach more people, especially when it comes to search engines like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, emails, and sometimes even google.

#9 Eye Cooling Visuals

Graphical representation and visuals are more interactive and understandable, which can start giving your visitors a wall acknowledgment of both quantitative and qualitative data.

Using gradients and better color combinations makes your data more specialized and good-looking where which can actually build more trust between you and your users.


I hope these nine strategies to promote blogs give you the best results.

There are more strategies to promote blogs that can help your webpage and blogs.

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