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Student Blog Examples for You to Get Inspired

Student Blog
Student Blog

As a student, you may want to share your ideas with your friends and others online. The first thought that comes to your mind in terms of sharing ideas is blogging. When you browsed about How to Start a Blog or How to become a blogger on google, you got answers like find your niche, create your keywords list, buy a new domain and hosting, etc. But before this you have to get inspired by someone, then only you can share your great ideas through writing. So to help you in this task, I am going to share some Student blogs with you, so you can get inspiration for your blog.

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Top Student Blogs

College Info Geek

college info geek student blog

This is one of the best student blogs because it almost covers all the topics of students. Thomas Frank was the founder of College Info Geek. You will get frequent blog updates here and they also have podcasts.


  • Study and Learning
  • Productivity
  • Career Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Remote
  • Impossible List

Thomas Frank has his impossible list in this blog and it comprises his wishes, life goals, etc. This part of his website is really good and he is working on it too.

School Habits

school habits

School habits are one of the best examples of school students’ blogs. This blog is created by an experienced school teacher named Kathryn Azevedo. Through this blog, she covers almost all topics related to school students.


  • Time management 
  • study skills 
  • organization 
  • productivity 
  • homework management 
  • focus 
  • test anxiety 
  • asking for help 
  • note-taking 
  • confidence 
  • self advocacy 
  • executive function

This student blog also has some paid services on the above-mentioned topics. 

International Student Blog

international student blog

This is the best student blog for students who want to study abroad and already studying in abroad. Unlike other student blogs, it also covers some useful student tools like school search.

Topics and Tools 

  • school search 
  • study centers 
  • products and services 
  • resources 
  • socialize

The above-mentioned tools are very useful for students to fulfill their study needs abroad. This blog almost covers students studying in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Save the Student

save the student

This blog saves the students by giving some useful tips and ideas on effective money management. Because many management is one of the big issues students are facing during their school or college life.


  • Finance 
  • banking 
  • make money 
  • save money 
  • jobs 
  • accommodation 
  • bills 
  • shopping

This site is helpful for many students to end some extra pocket money or land a good job. They also have some deals on products related to students.


The above-mentioned blogs are very unique in their niche. They choose a particular student’s theme, understand their needs, and build their blogs according to it. They are also selling some products in this blog, but other than that their resources are also too good.

So if you want to start your student blog, Start asking questions about yourself your needs, and the issues you are facing currently. The Answer you are going to provide in your blog in the form of articles will be helpful for many students like you. If you like this, share this with your friends. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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