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How to Promote your SaaS on Reddit

Promoting SaaS startup on Reddit – a better way is to concentrate consistently and comment on other People’s Posts – When you’ve found the subreddits relevant to your product or service, you’ll want to join other people’s posts for as long as you can hand out.

You can simply find paying customers on Reddit by commenting on other people’s posts and posting.

Getting involved whenever you can give worthwhile input but not just for some kind of development of the product will definitely help you whenever a post comes up asking you for a recommendation for a product or service that someone offers.

And that is what your product does, at that time respond and relate and link your product. 

Subreddit idea for your product:

If there is a subreddit, for instance,  there are many posts like “we need a social media planning tool that supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as LinkedIn.

Which tool would you recommend?

Then we will reply with a comment like this, “Hi, I am a co-founder of a social media planning tool called so and so. So and so supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Google My Business. It would be great if you just kindly check it out

Meanwhile, never link your website in the comment section. If you do your comment or your account will probably get downvoted into oblivion or your comment may not even get passed on to others as a preventive measure.

Either your comment will be shown to other people with a link depending on the subreddit, some subreddits may even allow this, but other comments with a link shadow-ban (meaning you will never get to find that the comment will not be shown to other users.).

Mistakes you should avoid:

#1 Pretending like you are not associated with the product

Never pretend like one of the customers and suggest your product from another fake account.

Meanwhile, users on Reddit will definitely see right through this.

Of course, even if you create a fake account and post & comment from there.

Rather, you can simply post something like, “Hi fellows, we built this SaaS app so and so and it does (its features).

It would be great if we received your feedback on it”, That is the step in promoting and getting a suggestion.

In fact, it is always better to have no links in your post. 

#2 Posting at several subreddit at the exact same time

I have seen that users do this all the time: Publish exactly the same with all the big subreddits such as R/Enterprise, R/Marketings,  R/Startups, and R/Business at nearly the same time. This is maybe quite the worst idea.

Since most of the people who are members of one of these subreddits are also members of the other subreddits, if they see your post multiple times on multiple subreddits in their Reddit feed because you are spam, they will disapprove of you.

If the post does well with lots of upvotes and comments, you can always “cross-send” it to another subreddit a few days later. This gives you a chance to revive a faded post and keep all of the social evidence (upvotes and comments) from the original post.

#3 Using a lot of “marketing language”

Never say things like “The best way to improve your productivity”.

That could mean 1 in 10 million things. Rather, use simple language like “is a tool to share and schedule your posts on social networks”.

#4 Self-promoting from a new Reddit SaaS account with no karma

Every time a user sees your post or comments on Reddit on SaaS, they may definitely click on your profile and go through two things:

How new your account is, and How much karma do you really have.

Trying to apply from a newly created Reddit account is not a good idea.

Moreover, people tend to thoughtfully decline self-promotion mail from newly created accounts.

Users also downvote for posts & comments on Reddit accounts that have little to no karma.

You will always receive karma points if you rate your posts and comments positively.  

Furthermore, if your Reddit account doesn’t have a lot of karma,  I would recommend actively participating in a few subreddits and creating a few.

Karma before attempting to post or comment on any self-promotion. 

#5 Too much promotion

Whenever someone sees your post or comments on Reddit on SaaS, there’s a good chance they’ll check your post and comment history too.

For instance, your post and comment history is nothing more than self-promotional posts, you will likely get disapproval.

Also, it is mostly filled with non-self-promotional content, you will be much luckier. 

How do you fill your post history with non-self-promotional content? 

Just be a regular Redditor – join the subreddit of the sports team you like or the hobby you enjoy or the TV show you watch or the band you like then have fun and join in.

Reddit has declared: “It’s flawlessly quality to be a Redditor with an internet site, it is now no longer fine to be an internet site with a Reddit account.” 


#1 Keyword Monitoring Tool:

Always regularly Monitor the posts that contain your keywords.

Monitoring subreddits for relevant posts to comment on can be stressful or sometimes bored.

Moreover, fortunately, there are many tools out there that will keep an eye on you, and in default, it will email you every time a relatable post is found.

We are using F5 Bot which will email you every time there appears a Reddit comment or post with the keyword that you enter and it’s absolutely free.

#2 Commenting other posts:

A further advantage of commenting on other users’ Reddit posts: not just the “original poster” that identifies your comment and notices your Reddit SaaS brand.

Oftentimes, many and many people scrolling Reddit will also be able to see your comment.

#3 Linking your website:

You should not add your product link to Reddit comments and just mention the product name.

Subject to your product’s name and how accessible it is to find it on search engines, users will simply find it in Google search.

If your product name is hard to find using Google search or any other search engines, either you can simply post directly on your profile yet not in a subreddit or similarly with a link to your website in the post and thus pin that post to the top of your Reddit profile.

so that, any user who clicks on your profile would be able to view the link of your website at the top of the page just like Instagram Bio.

On the other hand, you can also paste your website URL into your Reddit bio on SaaS, although it is not a clickable option.

#4 Checking your comment/post if blocked:

Nevertheless, you can anytime test if your comment gets blocked by just opening the link to the post in a Chrome Incognito window.

The other users on Reddit respect that you haven’t tried to link to your website and they will be more likely to upvote your comment considering it.

#5 The long-time period advantage of posts and remarks on Reddit 

Until now, the maximum of what we’ve mentioned is extra of a short-time period manner of locating customers in your product. 

Anyhow, there’s one massive advantage of posting and commenting on Reddit that I hardly ever see everyone discuss: search engine optimization (SEO).

Your comments and posts on Reddit are always indexed by Google, Don’t forget about it. Your potential customer will directly see your Reddit post or comments in Google search results.


By simply becoming an active user on Reddit, you have the chance that your posts and comments found for years to come.

Moreover, this is a huge gain that you won’t get from posting to a Facebook group;

Good luck that someone finds your post or comment on a Facebook group more than a week after their original post.

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