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How to change your YouTube channel Name

Change Your Youtube Channel Name

Finding difficult to change your youtube channel name? Nothing to worry about, here are the simple steps that will help you to change your Youtube Channel name.

Below is a guide on how can you change your channel name on youtube.

1. Open the YouTube app and click the profile picture

First Open youtube on your mobile phone.

Click the profile picture on the top right corner.

2. Click on Your channel

After you’ve clicked the profile picture It will go to a page.

That page contains “Add account”, “Your channel”, “Settings”, etc.

Click on the Your channel tab.

3. Click on Edit channel

After you’ve clicked on Your Channel, it will go to your youtube channel.

On that page, you can find two options “edit channel” & “Manage videos”.

Click the edit channel tab.

4. Tap on the edit icon next to your channel name

After you’ve clicked on the edit channel, you’ll go to the channel settings page.

There you can see the channel name and description of your channel.

Click the edit icon next to your channel name.

5. Change your YouTube channel name

After you’ve clicked the edit icon, you can see the editing page.

Give a new Channel name for your channel.

NOTE: you can type only 50 characters

After you’ve given the new name for the channel, click the ok button.

The new Channel name you’ve given will be updated on youtube in 5 – 10 seconds.

Congrats you’ve learned how to change your youtube channel name.


If you have more subscribers on youtube it is not advisable to change the channel name.

because your subscribers may find it difficult to find your channel.

If you have fewer subscribers you can change your channel name better, and post good content every day.

You can also change the channel name on your desktop, but here is the tutorial on changing the name on the phone.

because most of the youtube channel users are using the Moblie phone.

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