How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner on Mobile

Are you finding it difficult to change your youtube channel banner? nothing to worry about here are the simple steps to change your channel banner on youtube.

In this guide, we are gonna see how to change your youtube channel banner on your mobile phone

Step 1 – Open Youtube and click on the profile picture

First, open youtube.

Click on the profile picture in the top right corner.

Step 2 – Click on your channel

After you’ve clicked the profile picture It will go to a page.

That page contains “Add account”, “Your channel”, “Settings”, etc.

Click on the Your channel tab.

Step 3 – Click the edit channel

After you’ve clicked on Your Channel, it will go to your youtube channel.

On that page, you can find two options “edit channel” & “Manage videos”.

Click the edit channel tab.

Step 4 – Click the camera icon

After you’ve clicked on the edit channel.

You’ll see the channel setting page.

Click the camera icon on the top right corner.

Step 5 – Select choose from photos

After you’ve clicked on the icon.

You can see two options, “Take a photo” & “Choose from your photos”

Click the choose from your photos option.

Step 6 – Choose a photo you want

After you’ve to click the choose from your photos.

It will go to your phone gallery, select a photo you want to keep.

NOTE: make sure that the image size is at least 2048 x 1152 pixels.

Step 7 – Align the photo & click save

After you’ve selected the photo

It will go to the crop page, where you can crop and align your banner.

After you’ve aligned your banner, click the save button on the top right corner.

The banner will be updated on your youtube channel banner within seconds.

Congrats! you’ve learned how to change youtube channel banner on mobile.


Youtube channel banner is very important because it is the first thing everyone sees when they visit your channel.

You can also edit your channel banner on the desktop, but here is the tutorial on how to change it on mobile.

because mobile users are more than desktop users.

You can edit channel banner on canva, adobe xd, pixelied, etc.

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