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10 Best Game Boy Advance RPGs Ever

Game boy advance put on your scarves, and sharpen your blades because we’re about to reveal the best GBA RPGs ever created for Nintendo’s portable powerhouse!

I believe you’ll agree that this is a great way to start an article. That’s the emotion that all of the video games on this list evoke. The thrill of exploration and the sense transport to another world where everything is possible.

I’ve even begun using one’s in sentences recently; I’m almost there to being a High Elf Mage… or anything along those lines.

Choosing the finest GBA RPGs is a difficult task. It’s tempting to just go through Square’s whole back catalog, but the GBA has seen a slew of stand-alone games and epic ports throughout the years.

The accompanying games to many readers, while some of you may be discovering them for the first time. The following games will beat boredom and satisfy fantasy aficionados in every world conceivable. Whether they’re playing on a Game Boy Micro or an AGS-101 SP.

Onward, courageous warrior, to Number 10!

Shining Soul II Game boy advance

Shining Soul II Game boy advance

Shining Soul II sets the tone for our list of the finest GBA RPGs ever developed! At the very least, he received the memo about the cape!

This videogame is slash ‘n’ slash at its finest, for those who are unfamiliar. There are eight protagonists, 18 dungeons, and one epic tale that should certainly be rated for high addictive qualities!

Warriors, like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, may be improved as the game advances. While attempting to stay alive, characters employ up to three weapons to beat back foes and clear sections.

It’s a lot like Baldur’s Gate, and it contains a Diablo-style multiplayer mode that players may access through a link connection.

With the exception of a few passing references, the game takes set millennia after Dark Dragon’s defeat and bears no resemblance to the original Shining Soul games. Critics panned it, but it still maintains a devoted cult following in 2021.

Searching for a way to unwind after a long day at work? I believe you’ve discovered it!

Fire Emblem Game boy advance

Fire Emblem Game boy advance

In this ranking of the finest GBA RPGs, Fire Emblem and the magnificent realm of Elibe are ranked 14th!

Fans of Super Smash Bros. should be familiar with Roy and Marth by now. They immediately became several gamers’ preferred combatants on the GameCube, prompting Fire Dragon to be distributed outside of Japan.

Fire Emblem is a strategic position game that needs rapid thinking. It’s essentially a Nintendo version of Popular Series, but I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of flak for that connection.

Fire Emblem combines massive battles with item gathering and characters whose names seem more mystical than Gandalf’s left toe.

  It’s like everything an RPG fan could desire, and it’s certainly better than playing Dungeons & Dragons on Zoom!

Take play Fire Emblem if you recall the excitement of Roy arriving in Smash Bros. And want to go return where it all started for us PAL and American gamers.

It will improve your collecting by 14 times.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

In this ranking of the greatest GBA RPGs, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is 13th!

Not even including these games on our list would’ve been equal to vintage gaming treason. To win this series, you’ll need the brains of General Tacticus and the devotion of a hundred saints, much as in Fire Emblem.

Gamers must gather a band of seasoned warriors and fight in a series of thrilling turn-based combat.

The narrative of four youngsters from a peaceful town in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. They come across a mystical book, poke their noses where they shouldn’t, and end themselves in a parallel universe.

Isn’t it true that Harry Potter hasn’t taught anyone anything?

Whenever it comes to making excellent RPGs, Square has a winning formula. Tactics Advance is ideal for feeding the tiny grey cells.

This videogame will appeal to anybody searching for a mental workout while defeating monsters over a cup of tea. Unless that’s what your day job entails, then try your hand at Pokemon instead.

Sword of Mana Game Boy Advance

Sword of Mana Game Boy Advance

Sword of Mana is the next game in the series, and it’s yet another action RPG from Square. The object of the game in this title is to protect the Mana tree. From the start, it’s high-octane fantasy action in the spirit of D&D.

It’s also a recreation of Final Fantasy Adventure, however, it lacks many of the original FF elements introduced in the Mana series.

In a universe where interpersonal interaction is crucial, people just follow a hero or heroine on an epic adventure across beautifully complex stages. Like Resident Evil 2, the gameplay alternates between following the tale of one character and then switching to both characters operating collaboratively.

While the hero is more powerful, the heroine possesses superior magical attacks and marksmanship, allowing players to play in a variety of ways.

The game is a lot of fun to play, even though the narrative is a little simplistic and the concept isn’t unique. I’ve done it a few times and each time I discover something new!

Lunar Legend Game boy advance

Lunar Legend Game boy advance

With the vintage gaming community anticipating the release of the Lunar 3 Game. It’s only fitting that we travel to the lunar realm and revisit one of the greatest stories ever written.

The happenings of The Silver Star are recounted in a new way in Lunar Legend. This journey into the Lunar Universe, created by Ubisoft, includes all of the original characters from the first game, as well as additional features and stunning visuals.

Lunar Legend was regarded by many as a “charged up” version for the transportable powerhouse that is the GBA. Despite the fact that it was largely the same as that of Sega offering.

Drop-dead fans, such as those who voted for the new game launch, would surely prefer the original home console release. However, Legend has a delicate charm that is difficult to ignore. It’s not too challenging, and it gives you a taste of what’s to come.

Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis

Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis

Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis is one of those role-playing games that folks either like or dislike. It’s not difficult to appreciate this game’s virtues if you know your RPGs from your Platformers (of course you do, that’s why you’re here). It featured a wonderful plot and a lot of fascinating elements to use in combat, despite being difficult.

Tactics Ogre has a plot that is more nuanced than Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespeare in the bath, as do all of the finest GBA RPGs. It’s the greatest type of turn-based team battle, and it’s a must-have for any player who enjoys thinking.

Or the player who loves claiming to be a commander while moving tanks, soldiers, and henchmen around a Risk table with a fork.

The characters’ powers and upgradable traits are equally as vital and thrilling as the narrative in this game, as they were in the preceding titles on our list. RPGs are all about improving characters and acquiring new skills, and Tactics Ogre does a fantastic job at it.

Pokemon Emerald/Sapphire

Pokemon Emerald/Sapphire

Pokemon Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby comes next, offering three of the finest GBA RPGs for the price of one. Isn’t that good?

The majority of our visitors are familiar with Pokemon. Anyone who is still unsure should probably not be here, so I’ll forgo the ‘pocket monsters explanation’ and get straight to it.

The newest version of Pokemon games is Ruby and Sapphire. Emerald was an improved version that included Pokemon from both Gold and Silver. Which was a common complaint among Ruby and Sapphire players.

These games permanently transformed the way we played Pokemon, introducing new elements like double fights. Increasing your bond with your Pokemon, and enhancing your skills with berries. They’re the Pokemon Company’s first co-published titles, and three of my favorites.

Games feature a Pokemon Trainer from a top-down viewpoint around the Hoenn area, fighting little animals and expanding their Pokedex. It has the same ‘fight trainers by becoming champion’ spirit as Red and Blue, with equally spectacular playability.

Fans who are new to the series at Big sword should play Emerald, Ruby, and Blue as soon as Pokemon is feasible to learn about the origins of some of their favorite aspects. While Ruby is my personal favorite, Emerald has the added benefit of housing more Pokemon, which is always a plus!

Final Fantasy VI Game boy advance

 Final Fantasy VI Game boy advance

It’s time to come back to the world of swords, spears, and magic with Final Fantasy VI, one of my favorite GBA RPGs!

I understand I’ve hinted at it a lot in this piece, but Final Fantasy games are true classics. From the start, FFVI with ghouls, spells, combat, weapons, and objectives.

I’m not sure how they try to keep everything contained in such a little cartridge!

It’s not just regarded as one of the best games ever for any system, but it’s also Ninty’s final season for the Game Boy Advance. It’s the end of an epoch!

Because the GBA is such a capable handheld, the portable edition of Final Fantasy VI looks much better than the PS version. It also outperforms previous versions by adding a Japanese translation tool, which allows for more accurate reproduction of the language’s subtle nuances, resulting in a better gaming experience.

As you explore the wild and beautiful FF universe, expect a slew of adversaries to fight, magic and sorcery to master, and a big landscape to spend hours looking through. It’s so enjoyable that you won’t want to leave!

While there are no sleek videos or sharp cut-scenes to view on the GBA port, it is still the finest port for overall gameplay and user happiness. 

Is there anything else I can say to convince you that it belongs on our list of the top GBA RPGs of all time?

Riviera: The Promised Land

Riviera: The Promised Land

It’s Riviera: The Promised Land, not that TV program that Idris Elba keeps promoting on Sky Atlantic.

Starve to death Fans of the Dodo may be aware that this game was first released on the WonderSwan, Gunpei Yokoi’s penultimate console version. The game was rapidly converted to the GBA and PSP, and it quickly gained a large fanbase.

Riviera: The Promised Land is fascinating since it features a full voice acting cast. It distinguishes the game from 99 percent of other GBA games and contributes to the already fantastic tale. It’s also gorgeously drawn, resulting in a title that you’ll remember long after you’ve stopped playing.

Riviera has six different characters to choose from, everyone with their own distinct talents, attributes, and mystery backstories.

The game’s world, ‘The Promised Land,’ is greatly influenced by Norse mythology and, in some ways, Tolkien’s vision of Valinor.

Prepare to encounter a plethora of difficult-to-pronounce locations, magic, turn-based combat, and hairstyles that only RPG characters could pull off.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

On this list of the greatest GBA RPGs of all time, Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age tie for first place! Because of their consistency, fantastic narratives, and the fact that they are entertaining from beginning to end, these two games more than merit the title of “ultimate handheld RPG.”

Nintendo hasn’t exactly had the finest track record when it comes to games that follow each other. I called Nintendo’s helpdesk so very many occasions about that dangling Ice Key in Banjo-Kazooie, the videogame that was meant to connect up with Banjo-Tooie but never did.

Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age are inextricably linked. Both are properly comprehending “what is going on”. Consider the final two Harry Potter films combined into one, minus all the fooling around in the tent, and you’ll have a good sense of what to expect.

Gamers set out on a journey to save the planet of Weyard from alchemy and the powers that drive it. Players may expect to upgrade an astounding selection of heroes and wield powerful magical powers in addition to the standard turn-based fights and tonnes of collectibles to uncover.

Because the first Golden Sun game ends on a major cliffhanger, we recommend purchasing both games at the same time to prevent having to wait.

These games are two are my all greatest GBA games because they offer pure imagination to your fingers. Give them each a shot, and I hope you have fun with them!

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