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Data Enrichment Services: Why you need it in 2022

Data Enrichment Services
Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment Services: Companies or businesses with detailed customer information can survive today’s competitive data-driven world. Extracting the information from the available data is a complicated process. Hence several tools and services are available in the market that enriches these data and provide the information that helps companies target their potential customers with a personalized marketing campaign.

The process of merging and adding either first-party or third-party data to a dataset you’re already working on is also known as Data Enrichment.

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What is Data Enrichment?

Data Enrichment refers to extracting the additional information from the collected data to relevant context obtained from additional sources. The information can be a username, department, roles, etc…If a username is discovered in an application log it can be checked against a central IAM system or an ICS application if Application Security is used to obtain the user’s real name, departmental roles, privileges and so on. This added context “enriches” the original log. The additional information extracted from the data makes leads more valuable.

For example: If in extracted data you found the user’s email, you can use it to create a highly personalized email campaign that users can find helpful.

Along with the email. You can also find some other information like,

Geography: Country, city, time zone

Demographics: Age, gender, income, education

Behavior: Requirements, Desires, Aches, Pains, and preferred modes of communication

Professional data: Company Size, Job Position, Business Niche

The Data Enrichment process also contains the Data Cleansing process which cleans the data such as email validation/verification.

Email Verification helps remove invalid, mistyped, and abandoned emails to reduce the bounce rate and improve email deliverability.

Data enrichment improves the utility of this raw data. Brands gain a better understanding of their customers’ lives by incorporating data from a third party. The enriched data results in richer and more detailed allowing brands to personalize their messaging more easily because they know more about their customers.

Key Benefits of data enrichment

Data Enrichment is helpful for marketing and sales. Some of the benefits of Data Enrichment are as follows:

1. Accurate Data

Data Enrichment cleans up the data by removing the junk values and validating them against standard values. So it provides clean and compelling data that can be highly useful for marketing campaigns and improving sales. Several tools are available in the market that performs enhancement on the data. Also, you will see some of that tools later in the section.

2. Improved Lead Scoring and Segmentation

As it says in marketing, The more you know about your customer, the more accurate your lead targeting and scoring will be. So Data Enrichment provides essential data that can be used to improve lead scoring and create market segmentation. So to improve the lead scoring you need the data such as location, demographics, search patterns, etc. Also, Data Enrichment provides this information by digging into the vast ocean of data and helps to build an effective market campaign.

3. Improved Personalization and Targeting

Data Enrichment provides personalized information like emails, behavior patterns, locations, and many more. This allows marketing companies to create customized marketing campaigns per individual. So this helps to communicate with the lead successfully and delivers something of value in this highly competitive environment.

4. Better Nurturing

Having more information about your customer can help you focus on what customer needs and their pain points. Data Enrichment provides enough information to help you build an effective leadership strategy to reach out to your customer at a faster rate.

5. Customer Experience

Customers have enormous expectations when it comes to their experience with brands. So they expect companies to know them to anticipate their needs and be relevant. Additionally, Data enrichment enhances customer experiences by providing unique information on customers. So your business can anticipate customer needs and remain relevant through personalized marketing.

6. Higher Sales and ROI

Customized and personalized marketing increases your sales and therefore higher ROI. Also, Everything is connected as enriched data leads to better personalization and personalized outreach leads to better KPI, sales, and higher ROI.

What are Data Enrichment Services?

Processes that improve marketing databases are known as Data Enrichment Services. So they assist you in obtaining accurate leads by removing outdated and incorrect data as well as other errors.

To put it another way, Data Enrichment Services improves the quality of your database, making it more useful for marketing campaigns. This enables targeted campaigns to be more precise and effective.

Data Enrichment Tools and Services

Now that you have a basic understanding of what factors to keep in mind while choosing a Data Enrichment tool and here is the list of the top Ten enrichment tools for you to decide on:

1. LeadMine


It is one of the simple and powerful lead generation platforms trusted by 1000+ companies across the world. The LeadMine will provide highly qualified, verified, and most importantly accurate professional business leads. So with their products, you can find your prospects in under five seconds.


Lead Finder: Lead Finder is one of the easy-to-use features that allow you to search for business leads by Title, Company, location any industry, and is a quick process.

Email Lookup: Email Lookup helps you to get the verified business email address directly and rapidly by name and company domain.

Email Verifier: Verify the deliverability of any email address. Our Email Verifier is built with extensive layers of email verification checks.

Chrome plugin: Get email id directly from corporate websites and Google search results in a single click.

Pricing of LeadMine

The LeadMine has 3 pricing plans with monthly or yearly billing methods. Let’s see about the pricing plans of LeadMine

  • Basic – $29 per month. This plan includes 250 credits per month
  • Essential – $99 per month. This plan includes 1000 credits per month

Finally, one more thing you need to know about LeadMine pricing is that there is a free plan available to all users. The free version is somewhat limited in terms of features and only gives you 10 credits per month, but it is a great way to test LeadMine’s features and decide if it’s right for you.

2. Snov.io API


Snov.io is a CRM for contact management and cold outreach but they also provide data enrichment through Snov.io API. Also, This API can fully integrate with your platform and bring you all the information connected to an email address.

So you will only need to enter the email address of your prospect and it will give you full lead profiles.Besides,Snov.io lets you generate additional leads, email verification, and email sending features which are available via API. So take note that this tool provides limited information, covering only emails and email-related data.

Price: $33/m

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 1

3. BeenVerified

beenverified data enrichment services

BeenVerified is incredibly easy to use. You only need to write the person’s first and last name and also the location to collect enriched data and generate leads. So with this tool, you can access information such as Reverse phone lookup, Email lookup, Address lookup, Username search, Vehicle lookup, Unclaimed money data, Property records, and more.

Pricing: It requires you to contact them about the pricing based on your needs.

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 2

4. Data Axle Genie

data axle genie

Data Axle Genie or formerly known as Salesgenie is an advanced platform that provides in-depth enriched data for you to find the most relevant prospects. With this data enhancement tool, you can add the missing data to your customer profiles such as,

  1. Phone numbers
  2. Mailing addresses
  3. Email addresses
  4. Geographic information
  5. Industry
  6. Firmographics and
  7. Demographics

Also, it is best for B2B and consumer-based businesses.

Price: $149/m

Approximate Number of Data attributes: 4

5. Demandbase

demandbase data enrichment services

Demandbase provides B2B data and intelligence solutions to keep your CRM data clean and get more revenue. You can get detailed information about your leads by integrating your CRM platform with InsideView. Its B2B database is specifically designed for sales and marketing leads. Also, this tool is pretty simple to navigate and fast to get valuable data. So it provides other solutions besides data enhancement: Market segmentation and planning, and sales acceleration.

Pricing: pricing on request.

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 3

6. Pipl


The Pipl is a popular data enrichment tool providing investigation and research alongside identity verification solutions. This tool helps you achieve detailed identity profiles and enhanced data such as personal, professional, demographic, social, relationship, and contact information.

Pricing: Pipl’s pricing starts at $148/m for 10 users with an annual subscription.

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 2

7. Clearbit

clearbit data enrichment services

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that helps you identify your prospects and personalize your marketing and sales interaction with them. So Data enrichment is a part of their solution offers. Clearbit allows integration with your existing CRMs and other marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Zapier, HubSpot, Slack, and Marketo. Also, this tool is easy-to-use for lead capture, lead nurturing, lead scoring, and lead capturing.

Pricing: Need to contact them for pricing information

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 2

8. Datanyze


Datanyze is most known for its technographic data which means understanding a company’s technology stack and usage. It also helps you find and connect with your prospects by providing B2B contact data. They offer not only data enhancement but also cold calls and email outreach.

Pricing: There is a 90-day free trial available. Datanyze’s pricing starts at $55/m.

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 1

9. Zoominfo

zoom info data enrichment services

Zoominfo is an all-in-one platform that provides an extensive data enrichment tool alongside other features such as prospecting, demand generation, and sales engagement.

Pricing: You can contact them for pricing information based on your needs. Free Trial is also available.

Approximate Number of Data Attributes: 3

10. Blue Mail Media

blue mail media

Blue Mail Media is a marketing solution provider. So it provides customized B2B email and mailing lists configured as per industry, geographic regions, demographics, size of the prospective market, and others.

Price: Contact the team for a quote.

How to avoid extra expenses using a data enrichment tool?

Do you know Leads are the fuel for your business? Their quality directly affects the work of your sales and marketing departments and overall revenue. So Investing in a good lead.

  1. Score and segment leads easier
  2. Realize a personal approach to every lead
  3. Create more targeted and individualized email campaigns
  4. Nurture leads with ease
  5. Increase sales and improve ROI
  6. Improve overall customer experience

Alternative Approach

If you think that enrichment tools are not cheap Of course enrichment tools aren’t cheap. If you are working on a tight budget or no budget at all we recommend two alternative approaches, so let’s see

  1. Put a highly-personalized subscription on your website: So to motivate them to ask them to share this data in exchange for research data, reports,s or any other valuable content
  2. Focus on your outbound: use lead gen tools that generate enriched leads with full prospect profiles, to begin with. So this will save you both time and money

Which approach do you choose – personalization is the most effective approach to marketing and sales.


This blog discusses Data Enrichment and the benefits of data enrichment and data enrichment services. In addition to that, it also explains the leading 9 Data Enrichment tools that can help you enrich the variety of your Data which can help improve sales and create personalized marketing. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this and share your thoughts in the comments section about this blog.

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