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Best Buffer Alternatives for Social Media Marketing

buffer alternatives
buffer alternatives

Are you a social media manager or freelancer who wants to increase your social media reach? Then you may be aware of Buffer. Buffer is a social media management tool that helps users to manage their social media accounts and maintain their different campaigns under a single dashboard. But it has some disadvantages. That is why people like you are looking for Buffer alternatives

Buffer Alternatives are good when compared to buffer because they have a better pricing model and unique features. In this blog, we are going to see about buffer alternatives in detail

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Top Buffer Alternatives

1. Hootsuite

hootsuite buffer alternatives

It is a Social Media Management Tool that helps users to access all their social media accounts under a single dashboard. Hootsuite helps users to manage multiple social networks and measure all analytics related to their campaigns.

Features of Hootsuite

  • The access of the number of social networks it based on the plans and Hootsuite provides more social networks access than other buffer competitors
  • All in one user interface for all connected social media networks, so easy to users to handle multiple networks
  • App directory feature that provides 100s of apps, so easy to connect with social networks

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Limitations of Hootsuite

  • The user interface is little confusing, so users have to careful with this
  • It has Deep learner curve
  • Their pricing cost is less, but users have to pay for each single team member


  • $25/Month Professional Plan with access to 1 user and 10 social media accounts
  • $99/Month Team Plan with access to 3 users and 20 social media accounts
  • $594/Month Business Plan with access to 5 users and 35 social media accounts
  • Customizable Enterprise Plan

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2. CoSchedule

coschedule buffer alternative

It is one of the best Buffer Alternatives because it is best for small as well as big marketers to ease their work. CoSchedule is more than normal schedulers because it has a set of tools, so it helps to solve many marketing problems.

Features of CoSchedule

  • So Easy to Publish contents and to create campaigns with that
  • Users can directly post content for Google Doc to WordPress and other CMS
  • It provides intergration with many third party apps
  • Easy to use interface, so users can navigate easily
  • Foreever free plan with acesss to free calender

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Limitations of CoSchedule

  • Price is bit higher when compared to other Buffer Alternatives
  • It doesn’t allow bulk uploads
  • The layout is somewhat complicated to understand


  • Free plan with content management, integrations, social media publishing and more features
  • $29/User/Month Pro Plan with all free plan features, Bulk social media scheduling and more features

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3. Zoho Social

zoho social buffer alternatives

It is a cloud-based social media management tool that helps users to monitor keywords, schedule posts, and manage multiple social networks. Zoho Social is cloud-based, so users can access their accounts from anywhere

Features of Zoho Social

  • It allows bulk scheduling and keywords monitoring, so users can schedule their posts with good keywords
  • Zoho Social provides real-time monitoring and sharing, so users can easily collaborate with their team
  • It has chrome and firefox extensions
  • This tool has automatic scheduling and post repeating

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Limitations of Zoho Social

  • It does not have integration with Whatsapp Business, so it needs improvement
  • No automatic photo resizer
  • Reports are little lacking, so it need improvement


  • $8/Month Standard Plan with 7 Channels access
  • $23/Month Professional Plan with 8 Channels access
  • $34/Month Premium Plan with 9 Channels access

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4. Loomly

loomly buffer alternatives

It is a calendar-based content curation tool that helps users to create and schedule their content in their social networks. Loomly is best for freelancers, social media managers as well as small businesses.

Features of Loomly

  • It has a Library features, so users can store all their content assest in one place
  • Loomly has a guide feature, so with that content creation is quite simple
  • It automatically generates posts and ads previews, so user can easily review it before publishing
  • Loomly has automatic and manual publishing options, so users can easily set their content for social medias
  • It can automatically push facebook and Instagram ads

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Limitations of Loomly

  • It cannot automatically schedule posts with multiple posts
  • Loomly doesn’t have hashtag tracking facility


  • $35/Month Base plan with access upto 2 users
  • $79/Month Standard plan with access upto 6 users
  • $172/Month Advanced plan with access upto 14 users
  • $359/Month Premium plan with access upto 30 users\
  • Customizable Enterprise plan

Visit Loomly Pricing, to get their latest pricing updates and offers

5. Oktopost

oktopost buffer alternatives

It is one of the buffer alternatives that help users to fully manage and optimize their social media accounts in a single dashboard

Features of Oktopost

  • Users can plan and schedule their post easily
  • It allows users to connect their social medias with automations, so users can easily do their work
  • Helps to increase users social reach with advocacy tools

Visit Oktopost, to get their latest feature updates

Limitations of Oktopost

  • Interface is difficult to navigate
  • Less integration option when compared to other buffer alternatives


  • Users have to contact them or book a demo to know their pricing details


In this, we have seen the top 5 buffer alternatives that will boost your social media reach and engagement. These buffer alternatives have many good unique features when compared to buffer. The above tools are providing either a free trial or free account, so try those before purchasing its plan. Hope you find this article helpful. Share with your colleagues and follow PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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